Anti Attack Spray

Anti Attack Spray

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Anti Attack Spray

Anti Attack Spray

Product Details Description

Chinchilli oil ( NAFDAC NO: B1-1006) is a product of dunrobin foods limited, ogba, Lagos.

The product is uniquely manufactured by infusing hot cameroon pepper (Nsukka/yellow pepper) into soybean oil. it is a ready to use/eat product that you can;

spray on your already prepared food to give you that hot spice and its natural flavoring.

Use in food/Soup preparation as a worthy replacement for fresh pep/per or dry pep/per

It’s completely a natural product, hence contains no chemical additive. The product is duly registered with nafdac and produced in accordance with food safety standards. its available in 100 and 50ml spray bottle.

To spray on food, Open the safety cap, press the nozzle with one finger while the opening is directed to the direction of the food, spread on your food first with 2-4 sprays, taste and add until you get the level of hotness desired.

To use in food/Soup preparation, add all ingredients before adding the pep/per oil. Few sprays is sufficient for a pot of soup.

Features of the product

1 Natural ingredients

2 Contains no cholesterol

3 No chemical additive

4 Nafdac approved ( NAFDAC NO: B1-1006)

5 Easy to use


Product Specifications

Product Line: Dunrobin foods

Production Country: Nigeria

Weight (kg): 0.12

Color: Orange

Main Material: Oil


Care Label: Contact with eyes; Flush with water for at least 10 minutes, Use cold water or preferably place iced block on the affected eyes intermittently

Contact with skin; Wash affected area immediately with soap and water


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