Astonish Zesty Lemon Floor Cleaner

Astonish Zesty Lemon Floor Cleaner

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Astonish Zesty Lemon Floor Cleaner 1Litre- 3Pcs

Astonish Zesty Lemon Floor Cleaner

Products Brand name is astonish

Product Description

Mopping Made Easier: We’ve developed our Zesty Lemon Floor Cleaner to have built-in dirt-repelling technology that leaves a sparkling shine and a protective coating after cleaning, preventing any further staining.

We can’t stop the kids or pets from leaving their dirty marks and paw prints, but we can make it easier for you to mop the floor.

Lemon Scented Floor Cleaner: Deep clean your floors with our multi-surface floor cleaner made with natural oils from lemons. Use it on sealed wood, tiles, laminate, and other sealed surfaces. A powerful alternative to all-purpose cleaners, cleaning sprays, surface cleaners, kitchen cleaners, wipes and harsh bleach sprays.

Multi Surface Cleaner: Mix 2 capfuls (60ml) with 5 litres of clean warm water. Apply to flooring using a cotton, microfibre, or pad mop. For heavy soiling, use double the dose above. Allow the floor to fully dry before walking on it.

Products Safety Information: For use on sealed flooring. Follow the flooring manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions, well known. Do not use on carpets, fabrics or porous surfaces.

A Family-Led Household Cleaning Brand – Astonish has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of its growth across international markets over the last few years.

We aim to be a shining example of how you can deliver a cleaning product that gets the job done without the need to test on animals or use animal ingredients, making our products vegan and cruelty-free

When it comes to doing things right, that doesn’t just include Astonish’s cleaning results.

We aim to be a shining example of how you can deliver cleaning product which gets the job done without the need to test them on animals.

We’re proud pioneers of animal-friendly cleaning products and never test our products on animals or use animal ingredients.

We like to think of ourselves as squeaky clean.

Protects floors

Fast acting solutions

Prevent further staining

In-built repelling technology.

Makes next mopping easier.

Zesty Lemon.

Nice fragrance.

1 Litre.

Features of the product

1 It is Protects floors

2 it is Fast acting solutions

3 it is Prevent further staining

4 it is In-built repelling technology.

5 It is Makes next mopping easier.

6 It is Zesty Lemon.

7 it is Nice fragrance.

8 it is 1 Litre.

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