More details about BED BUG TREATMENT KITS FOR 2 BEDROOM FLAT (Kills Bed Bugs,Ticks, Fleas & Their Eggs) product

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BED BUG TREATMENT KITS FOR 2 BEDROOM FLAT (Kills Bed Bugs,Ticks, Fleas & Their Eggs)

BED BUG TREATMENT KITS FOR 2 BEDROOM FLAT (Kills Bed Bugs,Ticks, Fleas & Their Eggs)

Product Details Description

This multi-room bed bug killer kit gives you enough professional-quality insecticide to get rid of bed bugs from two bedroom flat just in one treatment.

It Exthor and Pestman Bedbug Killer are the best selling Bedbug Killer in Nigeria market with 100% efficacy.

By Combining Super Effective Exthor Bedbug Killer Plus Long lasting Pestman Bedbug Killer, you are rest assured that Bedbugs and their Eggs would be completely eradicated.

Using combination of top rated products at once is vital for eliminating bed bugs as they are hardy nocturnal creatures that are notorious for escaping into the tiniest nooks and crannies in attempt to avoid getting killed.

By attacking on multiple fronts, you give yourself the assurance of total eradication wherever they hide.

No need to pay so much to fumigators when you can Do-it-yourself safely.

Top reasons to choose Exthor and Pestman Premium Bedbug Killer:

More details about the product

1 Its super effective & odourless

2 Kills bed bug adults, nymphs & dries up their eggs

3 Kills tough resistant strains of bed bugs

4 Eradicates & Destroys bedbugs breeding nest wherever they hide!

5 Fast-action: Kills Bedbugs Instantly

6 Long-lasting effect: Residual active effect for up to 6 months after application (this is especially good if surrounding apartments also have bedbugs!).

7 PROFESSIONAL Strength Top Premium Quality

8 No toxic smell, Safe for Do-it-yourself

9 Bid Final Goodbye to Bed Bug & restore your goodnight sleep…

Products USAGE

follow this direction accordingly to ensure proper application.

1. Apply the Liquid Spray, once dry, proceed to apply the powdered one accordingly, pls ensure you apply without SPACING all round the seams of the mattress (i.e round the edge of the mattress) both up and down, Note, without SPACING, just spray uniformly.

2. Apply on the joints in-between the bedframes, apply round the bedstand too without spacing, then cover the mattress with the bedsheet, then you are good to sleep.

3. Spray on possible hideouts in the chairs without SPACING.

4. Apply on crevices if any in-between the door frames and wall as well as cracks on the walls.

5. Apply on Electric sockets on the wall, these are their possible hideouts where they lay eggs as well as the wardrobe. If the infestation is heavy, apply round the edges of the rug or wall, cushion chairs, apply at possible hideouts, lift the chairs and apply accordingly.

Features of this product

1 it Kills bed bugs and their eggs and stops infestations from returning (Long-term Protection)

2 No Odour, No stain on fabrics or surfaces, No aggravating smell or Toxicity, Safe around Kids and Pets

3 No more fear of Bedbug resistance, kills resistant strains of Bedbug fast!

4 Professional strength formula safe for Do-it-yourself or amateur use.

5 Safe to apply around the edges of mattresses etc.

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