Beloxxi Beloxxi LUXURY CRACKERS 300G

Beloxxi Beloxxi LUXURY CRACKERS 300G

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Beloxxi Beloxxi LUXURY CRACKERS 300G X12PKTS

Beloxxi Beloxxi LUXURY CRACKERS 300G

Product Description

Beloxxi Biscuit is a thin golden brown cracker baked with low fat, sugar and salt. It’s a bit dry and can be snacked on during the day. Prepared under hygienic conditions and the most natural lf ingredients.

It had no artificial flavours, preservative or colouring. Contain omg vitamin A and E which supports eyesight and overall general body health.

Beloxxi Luxury Crackers is a healthy biscuit for both children and adults alike. Beloxxi Cream Crackers is a healthy choice for the family. It contains no Trans-fatty acid, only a moderate amount of sugar.

Each product contains top-quality grade wheat flour mixed with skimmed milk, glucose (not sugar) and little salt. This crispy and delicious taste makes it an ideal choice to be consumed with hot/cold beverages, drinks, and water.

This cream cracker is so delicious, light, crispy and tasty and has remained a part of an everyday meal for all, especially the children.

Features of the product

‚Äč1 Crispy

2 Tasty crackers

3 300g/pack

4 12 packs

Product Specifications

Weight (kg): 2

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