Cartec Air Freshener (Beach)

Cartec Air Freshener (Beach)

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Cartec Air Freshener (Beach)

Cartec Air Freshener (Beach)

Product Description

Cartec Air Freshener spreads a pleasant scent to the interior of your toilets, home, car, boat or caravan.

The Cartec Air Freshener can be used in particular to leave a long-lasting fresh scent after cleaning your car upholstery. The perfume is packed in a handy bottle, with a capacity of 500ML, equipped with a nozzle to atomize the pleasant scent in your car.

Cartec Air Freshener is the product to give you a fresh scent.

This perfume is easy to apply and quickly delivers the desired result. Other Cartec Air Fresheners are Cartec Air Freshener Lavender, Cartec Air Freshener Citron and Cartec Air Freshener Spring.

Spray the fragrance freshener liberally and allow the pleasant scent to penetrate.

Spray the Cartec Air Freshener over your upholstery and floor mats, toilets, shops, rooms, storehouses, warehouses, veranda, cars, offices, waiting rooms, receptions, lobbies and all other places that needs to smell nice.

Features of the product

1 The product is Made in The Netherlands

2 Wades off mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants on contact

3 Nozzle safety against wastage by children and pets

4 Perfect for toilets and bathrooms.

5 Handy bottle

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