Cleanze Soapy Scouring Pads – X 5

Cleanze Soapy Scouring Pads - X 5

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Cleanze Soapy Scouring Pads – X 5

Cleanze Soapy Scouring Pads - X 5

Product Description

sponge Scourers pads is ideal for washing, scouring and wiping. A must have at home, in the kitchen and in the office.

Make quick work of stains and grease on numerous surfaces. The combination of steel shavings and powerful detergent in each pad removes stains and returns the shine to pots and pans.

S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads aren’t just for the commercial kitchen, though. You can use them to power through on everything from breakroom messes to restroom stresses.

Product Usage

Simply wet a pad with water and clean the soiled surface, then rinse.

Use Sites

Kitchens Bathrooms

Note: Not for use on non-stick surfaces.

Ideal for Use on:StovesGlass BakewarePots and Pans*Golf ClubsGrillsCar TiresChrome BumpersGlass Shower DoorsPorcelain Tubs and Sinks

Features of the product

1 Powerful combination of durable steel wool and long-lasting soap

2 Reusable

3 versatile and with incredible scrubbing power

4 Removes tough messes inside and outside your home

5 Makes aluminum, iron and stainless steel pots and pans sparkle

Products information

Product Line: Envy’sMall

Weight (kg): 0.1


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