Endy’S Plantain Flour 1kg

Endy'S Plantain Flour 1kg

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Endy’S Plantain Flour 1kg (Endy’S)

Endy'S Plantain Flour 1kg

Product Description

Endy’s plantain flour is harvested under perfect condition and processed hygienically using high end technologies and beautifully packaged to give you the best.

plantain is a fruit similar to the banana, but it is traditionally consumed cooked rather than raw.

Plantain are grown in tropical regions, southern part of Nigeria It comes in a variety of colors, including green, yellow and black.

It can be prepared for any kinds of meal, can be boiled, friedor baked among other cooking methods.

It can be ground into flour for baking. Endy’s Foods plantain flour is 100 percent unripe plantain with no artificial ingredients or preservatives added.

It is rich in carbohydrates, easy to use and preparatory guidelines are given on the back of every pack.


Features of the product

1 Rich in carbohydrates

2 No artificial preservatives.

3 Hygienically processed.

Product Specifications

Weight (kg): 1


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