Glowing Grocery Enterprise SEA UNIQUE 3 IN 1 POLISH AND WAX

Glowing Grocery Enterprise SEA UNIQUE 3 IN 1 POLISH AND WAX

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Glowing Grocery Enterprise SEA UNIQUE 3 IN 1 POLISH AND WAX

Glowing Grocery Enterprise SEA UNIQUE 3 IN 1 POLISH AND WAX

Product Description

Cleaner Waxes & All in One Products

Cleaner Waxes, or sometimes otherwise called All In One (AIO) products are non abrasive or very mild abrasive enthusiast level products that simultaneously clean the paint whilst adding a layer of wax or polymer protection.

Cleaner waxes are therefore perfect for use by those just looking to freshen up their paint with as little effort as possible or as a base product for further layers of sealants, in particular car waxes.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish has for a long time been the most recognisable product of this type on the market, and still to this day does a great job.

Although all the ‘All in one’ products can be applied by hand, they really come alive when used with a car polisher enabling a true one step for cleansing, refining and adding protection to paint. They also make a great base for further waxes and sealants.

Cleaning Polish – Apply Cleaning Polish following Scratch Compound on heavily oxidized paint or use initially to reduce swirl marks in clear coat finishes.

Can be applied by hand but best used with low speed orbital equipment. Follow Cleaning Polish with Micronizing Glaze to bring out a deep maximum shine.

Fortified with soft abrasives, Teflon and synthetic shine enhancement aids. Cleaning Polish contains our 40 million year old Dinowax. Scented with our custom “Luscious Grape” fragrance. Patent Pending

SHINE properties run 5 to 0, with 5 as the highest.

CUT properties run 0 to 5, with 0 as the highest.

Cleaning Polish is numbered a 2, more CUT than Micronizing Glaze and more SHINE than Scratch Compound. Silicone-Free.

All Dinowax products in the WAX collection can be mixed on the paint surface to further customize performance characteristics.

 Features of the product


It Cleans, polishes and waxes

UV protectant

It Contains carnauba wax

No alcohol

No ammonia

Tint safe

Smart Approved WaterMark

Made in the USA



Spray on a light coat of FW1 Cleaning Wax on a small section

Using a dry FW1 Terry Towel, gently rub FW1 Cleaning Wax in a circular motion

Using a dry FW1 Microfibre Cloth, LIGHTLY buff to a showroom shine

Product Tips

1 Shake can well before each use

2 Wash off excess dirt

3 Do not spray on hot surfaces; use in a shaded area

4 Use FW1 Cleaning Wax Sparingly to still achieve great results

5 For working in tight areas spray FW1 directly on the towel and gently rub on

6 One can will do up to 3-4 washes depending on vehicle size



Product Line: Ifystar_global

Model: WAX

Weight (kg): 1

Color: White

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