Go Duster Multifunctional Rotatable Duster

More details about Go Duster Multifunctional Rotatable Duster product

Go Duster Multifunctional Rotatable Duster

Go Duster Multifunctional Rotatable Duster

Features of product

1 Safe to use on all kinds of surfaces.

2 It is the motorized duster that makes dusting faster easier and more fun.

3 It is a battery operated duster that is lightweight perfectly balanced and completely cord less.

4 Spin duster uses static electricity and spinning action all you have to do is wave it like a wand.

5 Great for all your electronics tv dvd game consoles computers and keyboards.

Products Descriptions:

Go Duster makes dusting faster, easier and fun. It’s faster because the rotating brush picks up dust in a fraction of the time of ordinary dusting.

Electrostatically-charged bristles attract and trap dust making it the perfect ceiling fan cleaner blind cleaner mini blind duster pet hair duster cobweb duster and baseboard cleaner.

Spin duster’s super soft bristles conform to any shape furniture and gently spin away dust – use it as your office duster fan blade cleaner or shutter duster.

It’s easier because the spinning action reaches dust in tight spaces like between books, plants, blinds, delicate ornaments and more. It’s fun because it’s so fast and easy to dust that even children will love to dust.

Included with GoDuster is the Dusting Spray that grabs dust and holds it like a magnet. When you’re done, just rinse the brush under a faucet and let dry. It works great.

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