Gongoni Z Germicide

More details about Gongoni Z Germicide product

Gongoni Z Germicide

Gongoni Z Germicide

Product Brand is Gongoni

Gongoni Z Germicide is ideal for disinfecting Bathrooms , Drains , Sewers, Cesspools, Poultry Farms,Lavatories , Sinks, Floors, Linen, etc.

It is of a broad spectrum of germicidal activity against bacteria which is not deactivated in the presence of sewage and other organic wastes.

It is notable for all disinfectant activities within and outside the home and does not select water sources for it to be active so that diluting with even sea water does not deactivate this germicide in any way.

Products USAGE

It is used by making a solution through addition of 4 drops of Z germicide to 1 litre of warm water for general use. For personal hygiene use, add 1 drop of Z germicide to a larger cup of warm water. Note that this product is suitable for external use only and as such it is advised to keep out of reach of Children.

Key Features of the product

1 Maximum protection against germs

2 Suitable for disinfecting Bathrooms, Lavatories, Sinks, Floors, Linen, Drains, Poultry Farms etc

3 Household disinfectant on surfaces or in laundry

4 Protects your skin from infections

5 It improves general family hygiene 4 Litres

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