Hypo toilet cleaner

What is hypo toilet cleaner and their ingredients

Hypo Toilet Cleaner Bottles

Hypo toilet cleaner

Hypo Toilet Cleaner is an effective toilet cleaning product that removes tough stains and keeps your toilet sparkling and germ free. It comes in 3 sizes of 725ml, 450ml and a pocket friendly 65ml sachet. You can explore the citrus fragrance for that extra burst of freshness to prevent unpleasant odour.

Features of hypo toilet

It Removes tough stains

It Keeps your toilet sparkling and free from germs.

It is Affordable

Ingredients of hypo toilet cleaner

The active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, an inorganic salt containing sodium, oxygen and chlorine. In water, it dissolves to form free chlorine radicals which help to attack stubborn bacteria that cause lingering odours in public and private toilets.

Types of hypo toilet cleaner

Hypo 3500 ml Lime 8

1. 75 ml Sachet

Breeze Lime 500ml And 1 Litre Bottle

Hypo bleach

Hypo bleach 1.5L bottle

Hypo has become a synonym of consumer bleach in Nigerian household owing to its quality, affordability and accessibility. It has become a leading brand in the bleach market for whitening of clothes. Hypo is also the only brand investing heavily in consumer awareness towards bleach as an inexpensive disinfectant and cleaner by providing the consumer with samples free of cost for use. This is expected to increase the bleach market itself manifolds not only benefiting the consumer but also all other players in the market.

Hypo is produced in Tolaram Africa enterprise Ltd

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