Kalos Multipurpose Liquid Soap

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Product Details Description

Kalos Multipurpose Liquid Soap (5 litres) is well Formulated with a Powerful Concentrated Cleaning Agent and is packed in a Clean White Container. It is thick, Foamy, User-Friendly and With Sweet Fragrance.

Kalos Multipurpose Liquid Soap is Economical and Useful for Laundry Purposes, Surface Cleaning and Dishes/Utensils washing in Homes, Schools, Hotels, Institutions and Other Industries.

It very Effective, Washes Out Greasy Utensils and Surfaces Soiled with Oils Effortlessly.

Leaves No Stains on Clothes, Dishes, Pots, Cutlery, Tumblers, Cars and make surfaces Free from Germs.

Products usage Direction

Pour a little Quantity of Kalos Multipurpose Liquid Soap in a Clean Water, mix into Leather and Soak clothes in the Lathered Water for Few Minutes, Wash Gently and Rinse in Clean Water then Dry on Line or According to Fabric Manufacturer.

For other items, Pour Little Quantity of Kalos Multipurpose Liquid soap in Water, Mix into Lather and Wash items Accordingly

Kalos Multipurpose Liquid Soap is a must-have for every Home and a Users’ Delight.

Products specifications

Product Line: Kalosdeal

Weight (kg): 3.5

Color: peach


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