Lb Drain Doctor 500ml

Lb Drain Doctor 500ml

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Lb Drain Doctor 500ml

Lb Drain Doctor 500ml

Products Description

Drain Doctor is the cure for blocked drains. It is easy to use, saves time, and saves cost. It is suitable for use in kitchen sinks, Baths, WC. And outside drains.

Products usage

How to use:

Remove all standing water from the drain. Remove the drain cover where possible.

Pour 1 heaped tablespoon of Drain Doctor into the drainpipe and close the lid securely. Then rinse the spoon immediately after use.

Immediately add 1 cup of cold water to the drain. If the water boils out of the drain, add a further cup of cold water. Wait for 15mins and then pour cold water into the drain. If the blockage persists repeat the process again.

If blockage persists after second trial then consult a Plumber.

Avoid product contact with eyes, clothes and skin.

Products features

Cure for Blocked drains

Saves time

Saves cost

Suitable for kitchen sinks. Bath, toilet, and outside drains


Product Specifications

Product Line: Shakara Body Store

Model: Drain Unblocker

Production Country: Nigeria

Weight (kg): 0.05

Color: Red&white

From the Manufacturer: Keep away from water, children and clothes

Care Label: Close lid tightly after use. Keep away from water, children and clothes.


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