Lb Fabric Wash -4liters

Lb Fabric Wash -4liters

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Lb Fabric Wash -4liters

Lb Fabric Wash -4liters

Product Description


The Perfect Cloth Washing Liquid Detergent.


2 BENEFITS: Dissolves quickly, cleans thoroughly, Rinses easily, No powdery specks. Ideal for any kind of garment. Unlike some harsh powdery detergents, which can harm fine and delicate fabrics, Nature Fresh never leaves any gritty bits behind. It dissolves completely, which means it is ideal for hand washing anything you don’t want to put into the washing machine.

It’s a neutral solution without bleach or optical brighteners, cares for your clothes, Woolens, delicate and coloureds alike. So Nature Fresh is the perfect hand washing solution for leaving your cloths soft and fresh.


3 DIRECTIONS: Shake the bottle and add 2-3 capfuls to a bowl of water. For tough problems check colour fastness, pour neat liquid onto the stain and wash immediately. BETTER THAN POWDER FOR HANDWASHING


4 Sizes: 4Litres, 2Litres, 1Litre and Industrial Pack.


Products features

Fabric wash

Gentle to hand

Superb smell

Clean fabric

Product Specifications

Product Line: supplements that heals

Model: Liquid Detergent

Weight (kg): 0.5

Color: White

Main Material: Liquid

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