Lenor Outdoorable Northern Solstice

Lenor Outdoorable Northern Solstice

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Lenor Outdoorable Northern Solstice

Lenor Outdoorable Northern Solstice

Product Size are 55 ML

products Description

Enjoy freshness as if you’ve dried your clothes outside, even when you dry inside! Lenor Outdoorable’s freshness is ultra-concentrated versus other Lenor fabric conditioners, so you just need a small dose to get that line dried feeling.

Our new Lenor Outdoorable Northern Solstice is a fresh, airy, energising scent. Crisp notes of fir and pine will transport you to a snow-covered woodland cabin, as the sky fills with the magic of the Northern Lights.


Benefits of the product

Solar Dry TM technology offers you the experience of line-dried freshness, even when drying inside

Ultra-concentrated freshness: a small dose (14ml) goes a long way! This also means its more convenient to store

100% recycled plastic bottle (excl. cap, spout and sleeve) and recyclable (excl. sleeve)

Protects from fading, bobbling and stretching in the wash


Product Usage Instructions

After adding your favorite detergent, measure the amount of softener for the size of your load using the cap provided.

Add Lenor fabric conditioner into your washing machine’s dispenser drawer”

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