Lu Blue Toilet Block X6

Lu Blue Toilet Block X6

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Lu Blue Toilet Block X6

Lu Blue Toilet Block X6

LU BLUE toilet block detergent colours, cleans and freshens the toilet bowls with every flush

Lu Blue is great for use in every toilet as it colors the water blue and provides long lasting freshness time after time.

Products Usage

USAGE- It is Easy Simply pop into your toilet cistern at home or at work and enjoy a fresh, clean and fresh pine scented toilet The affordable toilet block foams, freshens and cleans with each and every flush and helps prevent limescale.

Sold in packs of six or 12 for your convenience.

Products features


Water closet Cistern Blocks.

colors the water in an exciting way


Helps prevent limescale.

Cleans and refreshes

Long lasting freshness.


Product Specifications

Product Line: semmy mart

Model: LU BLUE

Weight (kg): 0.3

Color: BLUE

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