Micro Fibre Cloth Napkin/Towel

What is Micro Fibre Cloth Napkin/Towel 6 in 1 product details

Micro Fibre Cloth Napkin/Towel)- 6 In 1-

Micro - Fibre Cloth Napkin/Towel

Products Description

Have you ever struggled to clean a glass surface, mirror, car or any other outer space and then had to deal with particles left behind by the napkin use.

You need not worry anymore with such experience with this microfibre towel microfibers are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles.

It is perfect for wiping synthetic leather bags as well. Its soft and flexible surface makes it ideal for indoor-outdoor use, cars,house, furniture, computer, office, glasses, Jewelry and electronic, plastic, tiles, metal and many other task. An ideal and affordable material for all home.

Key Features of the product

1 6-In-1 Towel Set

2 Reusable for as long as desired

3 Dimensions

4 Absorbent

5 Light weight

6 Durable

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