Microfiber Duster With Extension Pole

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Microfiber Duster With Extension Pole

Microfiber Duster With Extension Pole

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1 PERFECT DUST REMOVAL KIT The dusters for cleaning supplies kit includes cobweb cleaner, microfiber feather duster, and ceiling fan duster, and 4 high-quality, lightweight aluminum extension rods. The maximum length after splicing is 70.87”.

The high-quality aluminum rod is not easy to break.Because it is a spliced extendable duster, the dust collector head is closely connected with the extension rod, so there is no need to worry about the ceiling fan duster collector head rotating during use.

2 BENDABLE&WASHABLE DUSTER-HEAD:– The head of the microfiber duster is so flexible which can be bent to any angle,it’s easy to cleaning hard to reach spots.You can disassemble the feather duster into rods and heads for easy storage.

Moreover, it can also help you clean the microfiber head after removing it. the conrner duster is easy to clean by washing with water and detergent.

3 MAKE HOUSEWORK EASIER: – Our dusters is made use of the innovative split fiber technology. It will be electrostatically charged when used, and it is easy to absorb dust, pollen and hair, saving physical strength and time.

This microfiber cleaning kit contains everything you need, that can clean your home and office, from floor to ceiling or anywhere in the convenient package.

4 SCRATCH-RESISTANT DESIGN:- Scratch-free Microfiber Technology-It can effectively remove dust and clean while protecting the clean surface from leaving scratches.

The reach duster can be widely used in bookcases, bookshelves, pianos, floors, ceilings and chandeliers, etc.

5 HIGH QUALITY – Ensure that the feather cleaning dusters can serve you for many years, aluminum alloy will not rust,it’s durable, light weight, suitable for cleaning dust.

Household appliances and your ceiling, shutters, ceiling fans, bookshelves, bookcases, high ceiling fans, pianos, and other lamps..100%

More About this item

1 MICROFIBER & STAINLESS STEEL POLE: This ceiling fan duster made of high quality microfiber materials with new design stainless steel pole, does not rust and has a long live time.

2 CAN REACH HIGH CEILINGS: This telescoping microfiber duster with a extra long pole, can reach 100 inches when fully extended, easy to clean ceilings,cobwebs,walls, ceiling fans, and lamps. No more chairs or dangerous ladders to climb on.

3 BENDABLE & FLEXIABLE HEAD: The microfiber head is flexible and bendable. You can bend it to any angles as you need. And adjusting the pole to clean the low place like keyboard, kitchen, window blinds, picture frames, television screens, and the inside of your car.

4 EASY TO CLEAN & STORAGE:Our fan duster head is detachable, you can hand wash it with warm or low heat water, storage after drying.

5 LOMIDA CUSTOMER SERVICE: We always provide good products and offer excellent service to our customers. Any problems about the feather dusters, please email us,we will try our best to help you deal the issue.

6 Long Duster Thanks to the bendable and extendable microfiber head, you can adjust it to any angle and length as you need. This Microfiber Duster is designed to clean any high areas and corners. Ideal for cleaning high ceilings, window screens, tall furniture, mounted TV’s, and other hard to reach areas.

7 Extendable Duster This microfiber duster head is washable and easy to keep clean. You can either shake it clean or gently hand wash it in warm water with a little dish soap. Rinse the dish soap off and allow it to air dry. This multi-use duster is versatile and easy to use for your daily use.

8 Washable Duster Head Simply slide the microfiber top off the duster core and hand wash with warm or low heat water! Rotate the pole let the microfiber be fluffy. Place in ventilated place to dry.

9 Product Upgraded he long and fluffy microfibre strands collect dust without leaving any scratches or marks on surfaces. For added protection, the soft rubber tip helps to prevent the top of the duster from scratching surfaces.

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