Mop broom with wringer bucket

Mop broom with wringer bucket

Mop broom with wringer bucketMore details about Mop broom with wringer bucket product

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Mop broom with wringer bucket


Products Description

Spin Mop KMT 420-D

Carry out your cleaning effortlessly with this set composed of a 360° mop and a wringer bucket. Cleverly designed, the mop head does not spin when you clean for more efficiency.

In addition, the broom is extendable from 92.5 to 124.5 cm and stands up on its own. The bucket, meanwhile, has two hook systems allowing the broom to drip, but also a spout.

Intelligent spin system without splashing: with a simple gesture, press down the brush of the Mop within the centrifuge part to activate the spin function.

Improved efficiency: Safety on the Mop blocking the brush so that it does not turn on itself during cleaning / 2 systems to hang the Mop on the bucket / Mop which stands up on its own to make your daily cleaning easier.

Optimal practicality: Mop with a telescopic handle (from 92.5 to 124.5 cm), light (600 g) and handy to reach all the recesses of your interior.

Comfort and hygiene: Bucket with a spout and an ergonomic handle for easy transport / Easily removable bucket for a deep cleaning of all elements which composed.

2 microfiber brushes interchangeable with a single click and machine washable

Product Specifications

Product Line: IT Warehouse Ltd

Model: KMT-420-D

Size (L x W x H cm):

Mop dimensions: 34.5 × H92.5-124.5 cm

Bucket dimensions: L42 × W30 × H28 cm

Weight (kg): 600

Color: Blue/ Gray

Main Material: PLASTIC


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