Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Air Freshener

What is Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Air Freshener product

Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Air Freshener

Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Air Freshener

Product Details Description

Easy to use, drop these tablets into your toilet tank and the toilet bowl gets cleaned every time you flush.

Economical and durable Deodorization, they leave a good smell with each flush.

Effectiveness, effectively cleans and prevents stains with each flush, eliminating the need to scrub every time.

Product Safety

No harm to septic-tank and plastic pipe, special ingredient can stop the water tank from getting black and smelly.

Toilet bowl cleaner tablet is a drop in tablet which can be used for any accessible cistern. These tablets turn your water blue and sanitize and deodorize your bowl so you don’t have to.

They work to prevent and combat stains and keeps your toilet bowl clean and bright.

Wait for Some minutes to get it dissolve before the first flush.once the color start fading when flushed replace it with flushmatic toilet cleaner tablet.Safe and non-toxic


Clean your toilet bowl, flush the toilet, drop tablet in the corner of your tankWhen the water in the toilet is no longer blue, replace your tablet

Key Features of the product

With each flush, they deodorise and leave a pleasant smell

Effectiveness, each flush successfully cleans and prevents stains, obviating the need to scrub each time.

Individually packaged and water soluble

Effective in destroying bacteria and germs found in toilets and sewage pipes, as well as preventing bacteria from infecting the toilet and toilet sewer at the same time.

Deodorization, they leave a good smell with each flush.

Deodorization, they leave a good smell with each flush.

A pack contain 6 pieces

Toilet bowl cleaner flush block, Excellent cleaning ability : it can clean the dirty both of the tank, rim, inner wall, water pipe and other parts of the toilet Bowl thoroughly

Effective in killing bacteria and germs of the toilet and sewer pipe, preventing bacteria from toilet and toiler sewer infected alternately.

Fragrance: be effective in deodorization, and keep perfume continuously, purify the air of the toilet.

Just drop a piece Toilet bowl cleaner flush block into a corner of the water tank (away from the water inlet).

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